Monday, February 6th, 2012


Monday, February 6th, 2012 02:52 pm
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The big news from this weekend, of course is that Lorelei's kickstarter project has exceeded its goal! Many, many thanks to everyone who has supported us! We have enough now for a basic print run, but the project is open until February 11, and we can still use all the pledges we can get! Additional funds will go toward shipping your rewards, better quality printing, and book promotion.

Karen obligingly posted a detailed description of Chevenga's armour yesterday in response to my request, and I got a bit carried away trying to incorporate it in my sketch of him from The Philosopher in Arms. It's been a while since I've done a new Story Sketch, and I'm delighted to be working on this one. PA has been nominated for a Rose and Bay award for fiction this year, and is well worth the read, though at 640 chapters, it may take some time to get through the archives!

Speaking of the Rose and Bay, Story Sketches is currently leading in the art category. I don't expect this to continue for very long, but it's still very flattering! Thanks to everyone who has voted for me!

In other art news, I have a Portrait Adoption piece open in ArtRage, and I'm planning to participate in the Amazing Critters contest currently running at [ profile] torn_world. It also looks like I will have a number of commissions coming in from kickstarter backers, so I'm going to be busy!

Which probably means I should wrap this up and stop avoiding all the admin stuff that's been piling up. :P

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Monday, February 6th, 2012 07:03 pm
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These are custom icons I've made for my commenters who were selected in my weekly icon draw. Thank you all for your helpful feedback! It's very much appreciated :)

The Cooking Lynx
for [ profile] minor_architect

Turkey Vulture
for [personal profile] the_vulture

Coffee and kitty in the library
for [profile] alee_girl

Jason (and Trevor)
for [ profile] robling_t

for [personal profile] the_vulture

for [personal profile] aldersprig

Aunt Ruan
for [personal profile] aldersprig

Shahana and Ari
for [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith

Library Dragon
for [personal profile] jjhunter

Laughing Cat
for [ profile] laffingkat

Garden of Prose
for [personal profile] clare_dragonfly

Kelkyag and StoneHart
for [personal profile] kelkyag

for [ profile] wyld_dandelyon

The River
for [personal profile] mdlbear

Muse Fusion Letterpress
for [ profile] torn_world

Muse Fusion Hourglass
for [ profile] torn_world

The Anthropologist
for [personal profile] aldersprig

Kung Fu Panda
for [ profile] the_vulture

Dirk Gently
for [ profile] reymonkey

Minor Architect
for [ profile] minor_architect

for [ profile] rowyn

Monster House
for [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith

Illuminated Oak Leaves
for [ profile] rix_scaedu

Taia Lucifer
for [personal profile] clare_dragonfly

for [personal profile] ariestess

The Darkling Prince
for [personal profile] kc_obrien

for [personal profile] birgitriddle

The Library
for [personal profile] aldersprig

La grenouille
for novaseer

for [ profile] eseme

for [personal profile] ariestess

The juggler
for [ profile] ellenmillion

Tentacle tree
for [personal profile] aldersprig

Simon in wolf form
for [ profile] heavenscalyx of [personal profile] wonder_city

The Wordsmith at work
for [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith

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