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Wacom (the company that made the graphics tablet I use for all the art you see here) is releasing an exciting new product called the Inkling. It's a ballpoint pen with a sensor that captures a digital likeness of sketches made on paper.

I know that several of you have asked about buying original sketches from me, but I've been unable to offer them because...well, because they don't exist. Drawing with an Inkling would change that! I'd be able to start on paper without losing all the advantages of working digitally.

Like any tool, the Inkling costs money, so I am taking pre-orders for sketches to pay for it!
Here's what I'm offering:
$5 - ACEO-sized or 3 x 3 inch ink sketch + digital likeness
$10 - 5 x 7 inch ink sketch + digital likeness
$20 - A4 or letter-sized ink sketch + digital likeness

The Inkling itself costs $200(US), and (assuming it's available by then) I'll order one and start sketching once this amount is reached. There are sure to be other fees involved, though, (shipping, paypal, etc) so I'll leave this open, and if I manage to collect $250 before I fill the first batch of sketch requests, I'll also do 72dpi coloured versions of everyone's pictures!

N.B. Wacom is just starting to fill US pre-orders for the Inkling on Amazon, and I'm not sure when it will be available in Canada. This means that you may have to wait awhile before I am able to fill any sketch requests. On the plus side, if you want a sketch, but you just can't afford it right now, there is time!

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