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Saturday, January 14th, 2012 01:47 am
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Lots of crowdfunding stuff going on this weekend!

[personal profile] aldersprig is holding her monthly Giraffe Call and taking prompts with the theme of "In the City". She has written The Origins of Smokey Knoll to my first prompt, and several donation targets have already been met, so now I have to think of another one!

It's Muse Fusion time at [ profile] torn_world. You don't have to be a Torn World member to participate! Suggested themes for prompts this month include "Fashions and Fads" and "Critters of Land and Sea", but any Torn World related questions or ideas are welcome!

The third Crowdfunding Creative Jam is this weekend, with members of the crowdfunding communities on livejournal and dreamwidth taking prompts with the theme of "Disabled People (visibly and invisibly disabled)"! [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has posted the poem Why Autistics Make Good Friends in response to one of my prompts, and she has written a Monster House poem related to another one, which can be sponsored for $10.

Update: The kickstarter campaign for Lorelei has a Dream is doing well, and has already reached 19% of its $9000 goal, after less than two days! Thanks to all who have participated so far!
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