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Saturday, November 12th, 2011 12:59 pm
meeks: meeks and lorelei (Default)
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I didn't start sketching until after dinner yesterday, but since I more-or-less slept through the day, I felt disinclined to sleep again until about eight this morning, when I lay down for what turned out to be a ~three hour nap. The result is that, despite my late start, this turned out to be my most productive Sketchfest yet! I came up with nine sketches, and although I didn't feel inspired to make my usual jokes, I think a few of these can be developed into great art samples for children's books, and I have three xmas themed ones that can be used for greeting cards. I'll have to decide whether to use a POD service or wait to submit them to card companies in spring.

prompt: xmas under the southern cross

prompt: holiday mischief

prompt: a knight and his steed

prompt: the puppet master

prompt: digging up the garden

prompt: growing

prompt: lesser of 2 evils

prompt: waiting for santa

prompt: rat's raft
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