Thursday, January 26th, 2012

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First, here's the Portrait Adoption piece I mentioned last night:

It's not visible to the public yet, but those of you with PA accounts should be able to see it if you login. I've got another portrait half done, and a third one planned by the end of the month.

My task for today was supposed to be finishing up this picture of Jiro, Hippo-Birdy, and Lorelei to send out with the kickstarter update I'm planning to e-mail tomorrow. I haven't done that (yet! I will get to it!) Instead, I got started on it, and then thought to myself "It would be really useful to have a 3D model of that dragon mask to use as reference..."


Out came the fimo...and away went my work day, so instead of a finished illustration, I now have this (apologies for the grainy phone pic):

And I wonder why my to-do list never shrinks. :P

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